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  • 03 Sep 2014DPP v Robert Atkinson and others
    District Judge Peter King ruled on 3 September 2014 at Craigavon Magistrateís Court that the evidence against the defendants was insufficient to return them to the Crown Court for trial.
  • 08 Aug 2014R v Atkinson, Atkinson and Hanvey
    District Judge King has delivered a ruling in relation to various applications made by the prosecution in R v Atkinson, Atkinson and Hanvey. All of the applications were granted, with the exception of an application to admit hearsay evidence of one witness. This evidence is not essential at this stage of proceedings and can, in any event, be proven by other means; from the content of the witnessís police interview and the relevant Certificate of Conviction.
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Robert Hamill Inquiry

On the 16 November 2004 the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Paul Murphy, announced the terms of reference for the inquiry into the death of Robert Hamill following an incident in Portadown, County Armagh on 27 April 1997.

Terms of Reference

To inquire into the death of Robert Hamill with a view to determining whether any wrongful act or omission by or within the Royal Ulster Constabulary facilitated his death or obstructed the investigation of it, or whether attempts were made to do so; whether any such act or omission was intentional or negligent; whether the investigation of his death was carried out with due diligence; and to make recommendations.