Press Notice 20

Directions Hearing and Closing Submissions
12th November 2009

The Robert Hamill Inquiry will be holding a Directions Hearing at the Interpoint at 2pm on Tuesday, 17th November. This hearing is being held in public. If necessary, it will continue on Wednesday, 18th November (probably commencing 10am). The purpose of the hearing is to enable the Inquiry’s Chairman, Sir Edwin Jowitt, to hear any points of concern from interested parties, witnesses or their legal representatives with regard to the Inquiry which require a ruling from him prior to oral closing submissions. It should be noted that this hearing will be held in the presence of the Chairman alone rather than the full Inquiry Panel.

The Inquiry’s oral closing submissions and questions from the Panel will commence on Monday, 7th December and are scheduled to run for two full weeks, finishing on Friday, 18th December. They will be held in public. More details about the closing submissions will be issued closer to the time.

Initially, the Inquiry’s oral closing submissions were due to have commenced in November. However, one of the Panel members, Sir John Evans, has been unwell and the Inquiry’s timetable has been rescheduled for this reason.

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