Application to convert

Application to convert the Inquiry to one constituted under The Public Inquiries Act 2005, Public Interest Immunity, and commencement of the Inquiry's public hearings.

Application to convert

The Chairman of the Robert Hamill Inquiry has come to the view that the limitations on the Inquiry's powers of compulsion contained in the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 1998 Act, coupled with the clear indications that important witnesses are unwilling to give evidence, point powerfully to a decision to convert the Inquiry to one that should be constituted under the Inquiries Act 2005. He is aware that the conversion process may take time, but has concluded that it is desirable to commence it as soon as possible. Consequently, the Chairman has written to the Permanent Secretary, Jonathan Phillips, at the Northern Ireland Office asking that his request be considered as soon as possible. His decision to make this request has been communicated to the legal representatives of all the known interested parties.

Public Interest Immunity

Notwithstanding the above, the Inquiry may use, rely upon and disclose to witnesses and /or interested parties, a number of documents which originate from various interested parties. The Inquiry has written to all the interested parties who have provided such documents asking them to indicate in writing whether they wish to make a claim for public interest immunity in respect of some or all of the documents they have provided with supporting representations by Monday 13th February 2006.

Public Hearings

The Chairman of the Inquiry has decided that the Inquiry’s public hearings will commence on 5 September 2006 in Belfast. Further details of the venue for and dates of the hearings will be published on this website in due course.